Interior Architect İlker BİNER, who graduated from the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department of Fine Arts Design and Architecture Faculty of Bilkent University in 1994, returned to Antalya after working in various prestigious projects that have been carried out abroad by the Turkish construction companies until the middle of 1996 and laid foundations of DETAY İç Mimarlık, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti.

Mr. İlker BİNER, who participated in foundation of Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Interior Architects of TMMOB with his leading colleagues in the industry in 2009 and still works as a member of the Board for progressing the profession, has served in the Interior Design and Environmental Design department of Fine Arts Faculty of Mediterranean University as a guest Lecturer between 20008 and 2012 to transfer his knowledge and experience to the prospective professionals of the next generation.

Expanding its field of activities and completing its corporate structure with participation of Interior Architect Süreyya Biner, who graduated from Interior Architecture Department of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Karadeniz Technical University in 2003, DETAY İç Mimari, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti is proud of expanding abroad by its architectural interior design projects, furniture and construction applications.

Since its foundation, DETAY İç Mimari, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti has an important position in the industry with the Interior Design projects of offices, houses, stores, hotels, resorts and hospitals and its works for the furniture applications or turnkey implementations of these projects.


For providing services in the fields such as project planning, certification, establishment of partnerships, finding partners, etc. for all our investments to be made within the boundaries of our country, the Mediterranean Region being in the first place, DETAY İç Mimari, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti. has always stood by the investors so far and will continue to do so.