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Interior Architecture

Venue selection, shaping it, arranging it to meet the taste and needs of the people, who will live in it have always been an indispensable part of human needs and life.

Over time, these needs began to be fixed within the expertise of Interior Architecture, which is formed by the synthesis of engineering, architecture, psychology, philosophy, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry and many other sciences and has also become a branch of fine arts.

Today, Interior Architecture is conducted by the profession experts, who have completed the 4-year interior design education at the universities at home or abroad that gives accreditation and received the title of Interior Architect under the records of Chamber of Interior Architects of TMMOB. Even if they have completed the 4-year interior architecture education, having this title and performance of this profession by the people, who are not authorized under the records of the Chamber, are not legal. TMMOB Chamber of Interior Architects has taken the chamber status in 1976 and it is one of the first organizations of interior design that has become a chamber in the world.

The Chairman of DETAY İç Mimarlık, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti., Interior Architect Mr. İlker Biner show how important his professional values to him together with his all colleagues by contributing to foundation of Antalya branch of TMMOB Chamber of Interior Architects and still maintaining his membership of the branch board.


Furniture is undoubtedly the most important element of space arrangement and interior design works. Depending on the personality and atmosphere of the project and the feeling provided by it, it faces us sometimes in a classic, sometimes in a modern, postmodern and sometimes in an unusual identity.

The most important raw material of furniture is wood. As a project can reach perfection by how much precision and sensitivity it is worked, furniture increases the value of the place by skillful hands that know the value of wood, and approach and shape it with wisdom and care.

Manufacturing by adopting such wisdom and mastery as a principle and becoming a brand, Detay İç Mimari, Mobilya İmalat İnşaat Ltd. Şti. continues its path by growing with confident steps with the pride of thanks and appreciation received from many organizations and people that are served since its foundation.


Detay İç Mimari, Mobilya İmalat, İnşaat Ltd. Şti., which has proved itself with the references in the fields of Interior Architecture and Furniture, has offered subcontracting services to the Turkish construction companies that implement international projects in the countries such as the Russian Federation, Georgia, Qatar, etc. in rough and fine construction works with its large staff. It still continues its activities in turnkey applications.